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"Most Garments" are what we refer to as a half body garment (covers ½ of your body).  This includes: blazers, sport coats, blouses, sweaters, ties, scarves, trousers, slacks, skirts and vests.

"Most Garments" does not include: dresses, outerwear (coats and jackets), leather/suede items, household items and any other miscelaneous items not listed.

We consider shirts that we will clean at the most shirt price to be as follows:

  • Cotton and cotton blends, 100% polyester and linen.
  • Must have buttons all the way down the front.
  • Button cuffs and a collar, short or no sleeves are OK

We do not clean any of the following garments at most shirt prices:

  • Any shirt that does not have a top button
  • Polo/Golf/Knit shirts
    • Spandex
    • Waist ties
    • Rayon
    • Silk
    • Ruffles, (tuxedo type are OK)
    • Gathered or pleated
    • Zippers, they crush
    • Pearl/shell buttons, they break.
    • Corduroy
    • Metal snaps, they crush.
    • Screen printed, it comes off and transfers to other shirts
    • Quilted
    • Lapels that customer requests to be ironed open vs. buttoned
    • HANDWASH, there is no such thing commercially.

The reason for the above is that we wash and process (press) shirts wet, on equipment that we dress like a mannequin, the shirt is then pressed completely. We cannot prevent things from happening in it, like we can when they are hand pressed. Therefore we must charge more because of the labor involved with washing, drying and hand finishing. If you insist on the shirt prices and we process them that way, you will be unhappy. If you pay shirt prices and we hand finish them, we are unhappy. We need your help in keeping us all happy. It will also help to prevent large price increases for shirts, please don’t make someone else pay for your cleaning. Tell us about them up front.

A Delivery Point is a location that Clean’n’Press picks up and delivers cleaning to. Some Delivery Points are public locations such as grocery stores and convenience centers that anybody can use for their cleaning services. Other Delivery Points are private locations that are offering services only to their employees or residents such as apartment buildings or a private business. Prices and delivery schedules will vary. If you have a business and want to partner with Clean’n’Press to provide cleaning services to either your employees or to your customers

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Clean'n'Press accepts cash, check and most major credit cards.

All Clean'n'Press stores require pre-payment. Our experience has demonstrated when orders are pre-paid they get picked up in a more timely fashion. This allows smaller stores with less storage space. Smaller stores mean less rent to us… which means more savings for you!  Prepayment also means that every order is paid for regardless if it is picked up or not.  If an order that was not paid for never got picked up Clean'n'Press would be forced to take the labor and material as a loss.  This would only cause prices to go up for everyone.

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We also advertise locally through direct mailers and we are on the back of some grocery store receipts.  Offers may vary by location and coupons are required at time of drop off.  We require the coupon to be presented at drop off because advertising is costly.  We track our advertising dollars to see what works and what doesn’t.

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We rarely do % off coupons because we feel that it is better for our customers to know what the exact price is they are paying. Our competitors may advertise "20%" off drycleaning but their price is still often higher than our everyday low price even after that discount is taken.

All of our customers receive our everyday low price.  This low price drives up volume so we can pass the savings onto everyone.

We feel that even without a coupon we are far less in price than a vast majority of our competitors with their frequent customer discounts.

Most of our Clean'n'Press locations do not charge an environmental fee.  Please contact the store you wish to use to see if they do.  

Dry cleaning is a process that cleans clothes without water. The cleaning fluid that is used is a liquid and all garments are completely immersed and cleaned in this solution.  The fact that there is very little water used is why the process is called "dry”.  Dry cleaning dissolves stains such as oils, greases, fats, and waxes; does not readily penetrate textile fibers; and evaporates quickly, reducing the potential for garment shrinkage.

To learn more about the drycleaning process click here.

Frequent cleaning does not damage garments; in fact it extends the life of your garments by removing stains and ground in dirt that can cause fiber abrasion.

Many stains dry clear.  Therefore, you cannot see them once they are left untreated which means they can oxidize (yellow) and become permanent over time. 

Garments with a pile (mohair, angora, cashmere) tend to pill.  These garments need to be processed regularly to avoid damage to the fibers.

Outerwear (coats, jackets) is especially susceptible to the atmosphere and outdoor conditions.  Dirt, soil, light and other debris can build up on a garment and cause abrasion as well as color changes.

We ask that all orders be picked up within 90 days.  This is so that we can keep the store size to a minimum and keep rents low.  This in turn means that more savings can be passed on to the customer.

Orders left over 90 days (we usually hold them up to 6 months) will be donated to the Good Will or other various charities.  This policy is stated in every Clean’n’Press lobby.

Clean’n’Press wants you to stop and think for a moment.

Being “Green” is not just about a special cleaning process that is touted as being “environmentally friendly/organic”.  Cleaners who say they are green just because they bought an expensive piece of machinery “proclaiming” to be green may not be as green as you think.

Clean’n’Press firmly believes that being “green” is about doing the most with the least.  Think energy usage and consumption.  We strive everyday to lower our carbon footprint and increase system efficiency.  We have to.  This is one of the best ways that Clean’n’Press can pass on the savings to our customers.  Lower prices lead to higher volume, which leads to more system efficiency.

Dry Cleaners that are not efficient in their systems will use more power, gas and water than is necessary.  This means they produce more carbon, which pollutes the atmposphere.  Drycleaners that state they are “green” because they use an alternative cleaning process will have a much larger carbon footprint (and a greater negative impact on the environment) than a more efficient drycleaners.

Consumer Reports states on its website: “beware of ‘green claims’ since there’s no standard definition of an environmentally friendly cleaner, and no EPA approval of a product or process, professional cleaners can call themselves green regardless of the process they use”.  

If you would like more information on this subject, this NY times article has a somewhat balanced view on being “green”:  www.nytimes.com/2009/01/12/nyregion/12clean.html


Yes, all Clean'n'Press locations accept hangers for recycling.  Just drop them off in the lobby area or with the store employee.

Yes we do.  We offer professional “Wet cleaning” to those customers that request it.  In fact, many of the garments that we clean everyday are already professionally wetcleaned.  Wet cleaning is an environmentally friendly cleaning process that Clean’n’Press has offered for years.  Wet cleaning requires specialized equipment that uses water, special soaps and softners to process dry clean only garments.  Just let us know when you drop off that you would prefer “wetcleaning” for your clothing. 

Yes. Dry Cleaning by definition is a sanitizier.

Yes. We carefully inspect your gown and pre-treat heavily soiled areas.  Your gown is always cleaned individually to ensure the utmost protection of your gown.  Your gown is then placed into an acid free storage box, folded with acid-free tissue paper. 

Yes.  Dry cleaning is very effective at killing all dust mites and physically removing dust from household items.

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