To Hang or to Fold…

Hanging Sweater2  Hanging Sweater


“Why does Clean’n’Press FOLD my sweater over the hanger?” – Concerned Customer

This is a great question!  I believe in many professional communities, one of the motto’s is to “do no harm”.  That is exactly what we like to think about when choosing how to handle each and every garment at Clean’n’Press.  For sweaters this means that each one is professionally cleaned first.  When it comes time to press and/or steam the sweater, we make the decision to HANG or FOLD.  When sweaters have a bit of weight to them, we choose to FOLD.  As you can see in the red sweater picture above, when a heavy sweater is HUNG on a hanger, the weight of the sweater will pull at the shoulders and create what I love to call a “hanger horn”.  That’s really not a good look for anyone!   Most of our sweaters are folded to prevent these “hanger horns”.

When it comes time to put your sweaters into your closet after cleaning, I advise to remove the plastic packaging.  This type of packaging is not meant for storage.  You can then leave your sweaters folded on the hanger and hang up on your closet rack, or take them off of the hanger (still folded) and stack neatly on a shelf or in a dresser drawer.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments!!  Thanks for reading!!