The Art of Preserving the Party Dress

The holidays are nearly upon us, and that means all of those sequined and bedazzled party dresses will be making an appearance. The following are tips on how to care for your finest party dresses, and what to do if your date spills a glass of red wine on your special dress


  1. Check the care label. If you are currently in the market for a new sparkly frock for your upcoming Holiday party, read the care label as you are out shopping, not after purchase. By reading the care label before purchase, you will get a good idea as to how fragile or delicate the item is that you are thinking about purchasing. Can this dress be cleaned by any method? Is it spot clean only? Is it a one-time wear item due to not being able to withstand any sort of cleaning?
  2. Do I have to clean this with every wear? Unless you have a disastrous experience occur (like that red wine spill), clean when you notice unsightly stains or odors. If you’ve only worn the item for three hours out to dinner, you can get away with letting your dress air out after dinner. Next time though, you probably want to get your dress cleaned. Keep in mind, if you have a spill you do want to get your dress into the cleaner asap. Chances are if you bring it in while it’s fresh (within the week) the stains will not have had a chance to become permanent. Dry cleaning will extend the life of your garment if cleaned regularly after wear.
  3. Spot check. In the occurance of a minor spill, it’s best to blot carefully with a dry, white napkin or cloth- DO NOT RUB! Delicate items can be damaged by the mechanical action of rubbing. Rubbing of silk can and will lead to color loss in the stained area.
  4. Be aware of loose threads. Any loose beads or threading can lead to loss of beads after a cleaning process. If possible, knot any threads, don’t pull! If you send in your dress to be cleaned before tying up loose ends, you could lose an entire row of beading as they are most likely strung on one main line.
  5. Trust your Clean’n’Press associate to know how to handle your most delicate party dress or evening wear. We have the experience and knowledge to clean and finish your treasured items. If for any reason we foresee problems in cleaning an item, we will not proceed until we have discussed all cleaning procedures with you.

Rest assured your beautiful evening wear will be ready to wear with a thourough cleaning from Clean’n’Press!!