About Us

Clean'n'Press is the low cost, high quality option for your dry cleaning and laundry needs in the Twin Cities Metro area.  Price + Quality = Value


Clean’n’Press is a group of privately owned drycleaning and laundry plants each servicing it’s own group of satellite stores. Clean’n’Press was originally a franchise, opening in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area in 1987. Part of the mission was to assemble a group of high traffic retail stores feeding into a large central plant to keep costs under control…and save you money!

In 1991 the local store owners bought the rights to the name and now own the rights to Clean’n’Press locally. Because of this, we no longer pay royalties to a large franchisor…which means more savings to you!

We strive every day to lower costs and improve on quality to give our customers the best value in the dry cleaning industry.


For general questions about Clean'n'Press or for corporate please call:

(651) 450-4759 


Our Mission

We at Clean’n’Press will strive constantly to:

  • Do the job right the first time.
  • Improve daily in everything we do.
  • Be on time with our product.
  • Create a barrier free, pride filled, quality driven work environment.
  • Eliminate waste in all areas of Clean’n’Press.

By honoring these points we will provide the customer with the best value in the fabricare service industry.


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